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How to get latest updates of FIFA World Cup 2014 on your mobile phone?

ISLAMABAD: It is the time when most of the world shares a bond via FIFA world cup 2014. Everyone is mostly glued to their screen, praying for his/her favorite teams.

But there are also some unfortunate souls who don’t get to watch the live match due to whatever reasons.

However, there is a way to enjoy each match by getting its instant updates.

You just need to own a SIM card actively working in a mobile phone.

Pakistan has five major telecom service providers i.e. Zong, Warid, Ufone, Mobilink and Telenor. And among these, only Telenor, Ufone and Zong is giving the Fifa World Cup 2014 services;


Ufone is providing FIFA world cup updates along with some prices so can actually win something while getting updates.

Here is the official page of the offer, do check if you are an Ufone user.


As for Warid, it is simply providing updates via sms. All you have to do is to activate the service by sending ‘FB’ to 2222.

In case, you want to read terms and conditions or more details, here is the official page of this offer.


Telenor is offering a rather informal service where you will be granted access to for the day for just Rs. 5. So you won’t receive texts but you have to browse in order to enjoy the latest developments.

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