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Hrithik Roshan and Nargis Fakhri’s dinner date

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The actors were spotted at a restaurant-pub on Saturday night

No, we aren’t implying anything. Just that the two make an extremely fetching couple… If only they could be a couple. But they are not because Nargis Fakhri is still very close to Hrithik Roshan’s best friend Uday Chopra. But on Saturday night, they walked together into a restaurant-pub Ellipsis in Mumbai.

And here’s an eyewitness account: Hrithik and Nargis walked in first. They looked breathtakingly good together. All eyes at Elipsis turned automatically to them. They are so made-for-each-other, they must do a film together very soon. Just when we thought they had come for a cool cosy dinner date, up popped Uday Chopra behind them, trying to keep up.

That Nargis was enjoying Hrithik’s company more than Uday’s was palpably evident.

Says the eyewitness, “Clearly Hrithik is the new friend in Nargis’ life. And since he is Uday’s best friend this was just a case of the Bang Bang! star innocuously enjoying his pal’s girl’s company.” However, the eyewitness says, “There was far more palpable chemistry between Nargis and Hrithik than between Nargis and Uday. So anything can happen in the future.”

Also, present at the same place at the same time was Ali Zafar who walked in with his publicist. But all eyes at the eatery that Saturday evening, including Uday’s, were on Duggu. Says the eyewitness, “If there is a sequel to Bang Bang! it will star Hrithik and Nargis. She looks much hotter with him than Katrina.”

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