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Neelima Azim: Shahid Kapoor has broken all Bollywood cliches

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Neelima feels proud of her son after watching his performance in Haider

Neelima Azim is one proud mom and feels that son Shahid Kapoor has now become a man. This, after watching Haider. She tells us, “I am extemely proud that he has done such a meaningful and brilliant film. Shahid stands taller amongst all because it’s a very subtle range of emotions that he has performed — from the time he is normal to the time that he gets mentally disturbed. Shahid has broken all Bollywood cliches.”

Neelima feels that Haider’s a coming-of-age film for Shahid. “He has a very strange almost vulnerable and a slightly whimsical quality, which all actors, dancers and musicians have.”

The doting mother further says, “I have seen Shahid as a seven-year-old child in a TV serial which had stories dealing with children’s issues. In one of the stories, Shahid plays a child whose custody has been given to the father. It deals with his emotional trauma being separated by his mother and his ability to transcend that obstacle. Even then he had amazing potential. His journey to acting has been enriched through theatre and classical music. Nobody knows that he knows how to play the tabla and sitar. When he was a child he would often sit on Pandit Birju Maharaj’s lap listening to him. Panditji was my teacher as I am a classical dancer. From then, Shahid would pick up the subtle abhinavs. He has imbibed so much — Haider has brought it all out. It was a very complex role to play with, a difficult graph showing his inner turmoil to turning completely insane."

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