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TOOBA SIDDIQUI - Biography, Profile


Tooba Siddiqui (Urdu: طوبٰی صدیقی; born 7 August 1984 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan) is a Pakistani model.
Tooba started her career from a charity show. Soon after her first show she starred in a Music Video for Pakistani pop singer Yasir Akhtar. The video gave Tooba enough exposure to register her as a newcomer. Soon Tooba packed her bags and moved to Karachi from Islamabad to start her career as a model in the big city. She started modeling for the Pakistani fashion industry towards the beginning of 2000 (the exact year in which she started is a mystery ). Since the start of her career she has appeared on numerous Pakistani fashion magazines and has done photoshoots for several agencies. The notable shoots include those of Deevees and Diva. One she said that people are actually surprised when they see her because they have some one shorter in mind.
Born 7 August 1984
Occupation Model, Actress
Website Tooba Siddiqui

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