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Qudrat Ullah Shahab's Interview By Ibn-e-Insha, Watch A Rare & Exclusive Video


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25 April 2016 at 22:30

MashaAllah , i am so glad that am hearing our most Beloved two personalities Honorable Ibn e Insha Sahab and our most dearest and respected ' Qudratullah Shahab Sb ''.......

He must be defending Madina e Sani on other side but in this physical world Pakistanis truly and deeplyy... misses him soo much !! In this interview , they are talking in very lighter mood and pretending like very ordinary humans though they were not !!

I am just 20 years old and both of them left this side of world before my born . But it feels that we have spent our lives with them , Shahab Sb , Mumtaz Mufti Sb , Mohtram Baba ji Ashfaq Ahmed Sb , Ibn e Insha Sb and most honorable Bano Qudsiya Apa .. through their writings and their immense love for Ummat e Rasul Allah (sm) specially their unprecedented sacrifices , devotion and love for this Mulke Khudad Pakistan which is defender of Ummah and last Fortess of Islam . MashaAllah .......

I would suggest my dearest fellow countrymen to read and take faiz from their books specially Qudratullah Shahab Sb's , Mumtaz Mufti (ra) 's , Ashfaq Ahmed Sb' and Marde e Abresham of Mohtarma Bano Qudsiya (ra) !!

We are deeply indebted to all of them ... such a pure , loving ,fascinating and mysterious souls they are !! who taught us Ishq and Adab e Rasul Allah (sm) and ignite our souls with ishq and junoon for thos Madina e Sani ..Allahu Akbar..MashaAllah.. buhat shukarguzar..................


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