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Sanam Baloch Response on Her Divorce News

Will the rumour mill ever stop? Doesn’t seem so.

The latest subject of gossip is Sanam Baloch. Her scandalous act? Changing her Instagram handle from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch Hisbani.

Yeah. That’s it…

That’s all it took for fans to speculate that the host is going through a divorce with husband Abdullah Farhat. And while many fans are heartbroken, the fact that they thought of this as “divorce confirmed” is alarming in itself.

Images got in touch with Sanam Baloch’s PR manager who told us, “There’s nothing! News about Sanam Baloch’s divorce are merely fake rumours and nothing else.”

He added, “People are speculating because of her changed username on Instagram. That was done because she wanted to keep her surname and cast under the light.”

So relax people, there is no divorce happening between the couple… not that it’s anyone’s business!

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