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Sonali Bendre And Tahira Share Awe-Inspiring Messages And Pictures On World Cancer Day

With cancer news of our favourite celebrities spreading like how, every day we shudder to think what’s in next for our B-town celebs.

From Sonali Bendre, Rakesh Roshan to Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, Tahira Kashyap detected with breast cancer, it makes us uneasy when we spot our celebrities in so much of pain, yet spreading positivity and hope in this cancerous air.

World Cancer Day. We shared with you a few minutes back about how Sonali Bendre is dealing with her metastatic cancer. Reading about how she laughs it off fills us with so much hope! On account of the same, Sonali posted an awareness message about the same on World Cancer Day, “World Cancer Day… who would have thought it would become such a thing… but it has! And just the mere mention of the C word brings dread in the hearts of anyone who hears it. We fear it so much that we’d rather not talk about it… which is why it’s important to have a day where we pull out the band aid and help us deal with this disease. I was scared too, but soon realised that burying my head in the sand was not the way to deal with this.”

The note concluded with, “And so… with the little experience I have had, I urge you all to take the time to understand it. There’s more to cancer than being emotional or weak or even being called a fighter or a survivor. It requires you to study it, find out what works for you and to be diligent about your treatment. It requires days of strongly believing in oneself, of knowing that tomorrow will be better than today. It is not a fight against negative thoughts. It’s taking a stand to not give in, no matter what. Most importantly, it is about living every day, and not just surviving. Just taking it #OneDayAtATime makes it easier to #SwitchOnTheSunshine. #WorldCancerDay.”

Tahira Kashyap too, took to Instagram and shared an awe-inspiring picture of herself. The picture has a bare-back Tahira, with a scar right above her left waist, suggesting the removal of her left breast, which Tahira herself had once shared. While we will get to the details later, the Toffee director had also posted an inspiring message for her fans. The message could be read as, “Today is my day! Wish you all a happy #worldcancerday and hope each one of us celebrates this day in an embracing way. That we remove any stigma or taboo associated with it. That we spread awareness about it and that we have self love no matter what. I truly embrace all my scars as they are my badges of honour. There is nothing known as perfect. Happiness lies in truly accepting yourself. This was a tough one for me. But this picture was my decision as I want to celebrate not the disease but the spirit with which I endured.”

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