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Esha Deol's STUNNING Pregnancy Photoshoot With Hubby Bharat

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Shoaib Malik With His Wife Sania Mirza

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Unknown Facts About Sajal Ali That You Don't Know

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Shahid Kapoor CARRIES Wife Mira Rajput's Long Dress At IIFA 2017

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Armeena Gets Engaged!

Armeena Rana Khan is in Cuba these days for vacationing. Sometime back Armeena introduced the world to her mystery man in her 500th Instagram post during Yalghaar promotions. This is what she posted:
And now in her new post Armeena broke the news of her engagement to her fans. The proposal was done in a very romantic way on beach side in Cuba. Have a look:

Armeena has not yet declared the details about her mystery man. We congratulate Armeena on the start of this new phase in her life!

Ahmed Ali Butt Enjoying Summer Break With His Family In London

Summers are in full swing and most of our favorite celebrities are on a break from their work so they can enjoy a good family time. Many of them are relishing the summer holidays with their family in different parts of the world and posting the pictures on social media for their fans. Among those pictures we have found Ahmed Ali Butt’s holiday clicks who is in London with his family. Let’s watch what Ahmed Ali Butt and his family is up to under the scorching sun over there.

Changing Name For Fame!

It is not a secret anymore that the celebrities all around the world especially in Bollywood rely a lot on numerology in order to reach a certain level of success that they dream of. This practice is not only confined to their names but they also consult the numerologists to spell their movies and choose their release dates for them because they are superstitious enough to believe that this is going to make their movies do well at the box office. Over the time we have seen so many celebrities who tweaked with the spellings because after a certain point in their careers they gave in to the temptation of numerology.

Sadly, in recent times this trend has crept into Pakistani industry as well. While going through morning shows, you’d often see different numerologists promoting the study of numerology and citing very childish reasons to add weight to their argument. What makes our belief firm on the fact that our celebrities have also changed their names for fame is the fact that they not only agree but they also endorse everything that these numerologists say.

There was a time when only the film and theater actors used to change their names completely because they thought their real names were not very filmy or catchy. Many of the present actresses who started their career from modelling and acting in dramas also did so. Saba Qamar, Maya Ali, Kubra Khan and others changed their screen names not because they thought it will turn their luck around but because they wanted a name which was shorter and more appealing.

People (read fans of these celebrities) might come up with different justifications like may be they wanted to make their names look more appealing, or may be because they wanted their names to stand out or ‘luk kewl’, but the fact is, no one, one fine day wakes up and starts seeing an issue with how their names were spelled originally. Also, this can’t be denied that our celebrities are past that ‘age’ where they’d want to be remembered as someone with a uniquely spelled name because this is something that girls and boys do when they are in high school. The fact that recently quite a lot of celebrities have changed the way they spell their names does show that they are doing it all for fame because apart from numerology, our celebrities on different platforms have endorsed astrology, gemology and all such logies which hold no truth and no reality. Yes, being superstitious is one thing but being so immature to fall for such traps is another because one way or the other, you end up promoting these things which is most certainly not needed.

So, let’s check out the graph of all those celebrities who tweaked with their names for fame and find out brought anything good to them or not:

From Humaima Malik to Humaima Malick

When she was Humaima Malik, she got the opportunity to work in Bol, which is obviously one such movie which was watched by the masses and she did gain a lot of popularity through it, but ever since she has become Humaima Malick, not only she is nowhere to be seen but she landed herself a movie like Raja Natwarlal, hmmm enough said.

From Mawra Hussain to Mawra Hocane

Yes, Mawra has time and again given childish reasons that in class 6th, just because she wanted to stand out she changed her name but we ain’t buying that. It is a done deal that Mawra can go to any lengths to achieve the fame, be it her dependence on PR Team to stay in the limelight, her Instagram following which she takes pride in or be it her flop movie Sanam Teri Kasam which she would defend left, right and center while believing that she carried it in its entirety on her shoulders. So, this unique surname does suggest that it was deliberately changed with an ulterior motive.

From Urwa Hussain to Urwa Hocane

The only good work to Urwa’s credit is her inclusion in the drama serial Udaari, that too which she got after being associated with the industry for a long time. Just because Mawra told her sister to change her name, Urwa said she did it which again is something that we are not buying. The fact that both the Hocane Sisters have invested so much effort in PR activities goes to show that they really take attaining fame through external help quite seriously, so in this case numerology is no different.

From Saboor Ali to Saboor Alee

Ali/Alee/Aly, for Saboor it just doesn’t change anything because when she joined the industry as Saboor Ali, Sajal Ali’s sister, she was nowhere to be seen and now when she has gone through the pain of changing her name to attain the fame, she is still pretty invisible and the nature of her work is not the kind that would give her the success every other actor or even she dreams of. So, we feel saddened to burst the bubble but Saboor, the only thing that might have changed is your name but your graph has pretty much remained the same!

From Ali Khan to Aly Khan

Ali Khan who is now Aly Khan for many years now is probably the one who set the precedent of replacing an I with Y and hoping to hit a jackpot in the industry by changing one alphabet in his name but guess what just like all the other celebrities in this list, he hasn’t really achieved the kind of success which many other actors in the same age group have managed to achieve without changing anything about their names! This basically just proves our point that Adnan Siddiqui and Noman Ijaz managed to get this far without changing their Is to Ys therefore playing with the alphabet does not really determine how famous you get or how well you do in the industry!

From Sajal Ali to Sajal Aly

There is no arguing the fact that Sajal Ali has always been a phenomenal actress right from the get-go therefore we don’t understand why someone like her will follow a trend which is obviously more of a moral support for all those celebrities who haven’t been able to make it big in the industry. Sajal’s career did not take off in any way after changing the I to Y because at the end of the day, an actor’s performance and hard work pays off and Sajal has really proved her mettle time and again solely through her phenomenal performances. Sajal has a fan following and it is even more annoying to see her fans also redesigning their phonics and alphabets by following her lead!

From Arij Fatima to Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatima is another actress whose career did not undergo any kind of massive shift when she changed the spellings of her name. Perhaps she thought Fatima wasn’t cool enough but even then replacing the I with Y is so common now that even that is not very cool or different any more. We definitely expected better from an actress who has enough talent to go places without attempting to ‘stand out’ in this manner or in other words depending on numerology to help herself.

From Sonia Hussain to Sonya Hussyn

Sonia Hussain has been around for a really long time and she is a great actress as well but the fact is that she still hasn’t acquired the kind of position in the industry which many other actresses who joined showbiz after her, managed to acquire in a few years. Sonia Hussain did not only replace one I in her name with Y but she went “the extra mile” and changed both of them hoping that just like her recent cosmetic surgeries they will “re-brand” her but her career hasn’t taken off after these changes.

If we take a look at the successful careers and the fame that the veteran actors to the recent time stars like Bushra Ansari, Waheed Murad, Samina Peerzada, Javed Sheikh, Shaan Shahid, Humayun Saeed, Saba Qamar, Imran Abbas, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan have enjoyed and are enjoying, we can most certainly say that the tactics like changing names because of numerology don’t really do anything for anyone because what actually matters is the talent, the consistency and the star power that one naturally has and should have.

Yes, we do have some actors who based on genuine reasons have made the changes in their spellings like Faysal Qureshi, because there are other Faisal Qureshis in the industry too, so it does make sense that he wanted his fans to be able to differentiate between him and others but to see these young actors now going to such extremes to earn fame is not only questionable but objectionable too. We most certainly believe that all these numerologists who frequent on different morning shows to promote such stuff should be strictly banned and should not be allowed to preach any such thing which might deviate people’s faith from the right path.

So, with this we conclude our article and encourage you guys to share your thoughts on the subject as well. Also, just for the sake of an experiment and to see if the tweakage in our spellings will bring any difference in our readership, for this article we are:

Xahra Mirxa & Fatyma Avan. 😉

PFDC Sunsilk Fasion Week Day 1- on Urdu1 -16th July 2017

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Ayeza Khan’s Reaction on Danish Taimoor & Sana Javed’s Romantic Scenes!

For Ayeza Khan, being married to a handsome, heartthrob of the Entertainment Industry means having to watch him film cute,romantic scenes with women that aren’t her. Having to watch him express his love for another woman through the dialogues that he is given. It is no secret that nearly everyone ships the power couple of ‘Ayeza & Danish’ and so we are curious how Ayeza felt watching her husband and her friend, Sana’s scenes in the romantic comedy film “Mehrunisa V Lub U”. Well, we have our answer now, thanks to Sanam Jung asking this when she invited Danish, Sana and Yasir Nawaz on her show.

5th Hum Awards Making - on Hum Tv - 15th July 2017

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Is That A Bee Sting Mahira?

Mahira Khan is a very gorgeous lady and always manage to look breath taking. This makes us always keep an eye on the beauty. So recently Mahira was at an event for the launch of her new Lux Campaign and we wonder what is wrong with the actress’s face. Look yourself and you will understand:

So the actresses’s cheeks are literally very swollen and we wonders whether its a bee sting or cheek fillers? Yes there has been news of Mahira gaining few pounds for her movie but the pounds donot only show up on the face; they show up everywhere. Here you can have the examples of her co-stars from the same movie. Like take a look at Humaima:

And Fawad Khan:

And Mahira’s waist and arms are lean; no change there but her face tells a different story. See:

Ayeza Khan Looking Gorgeous With New Hair Style

This Actress is Enjoying Holidays With Her Ex-Husband Even After Divorce

Mawra Hocane And Mahira Khan Spotted At red carpet of Lux event

Javeria Saud's Brother Humayun Jalil Wedding Ceremony

Make-up Artists Comment on Momal Sheikh’s Make-up!

It is natural for everyone to want to look beautiful.To achive this, ladies resort to make-up. Looking gorgeous on the day of your wedding is a must because it (usually) happens once in your lifetime. Besides, it is a norm for our desis to comment on the bride’s appearance that night. However, have you ever thought of professionals making comments on a bride’s appearance? Well, we one one such bride for you. That too, a celebrity! Momal Khan married to Nadir in 2012 but Sanam Jung had top notch make-up artists analyzing her make-up recently and we have got it all down for you. Watch the video and learn what they thought of the bride:

Sanam Jung Gets Body Shamed!

Sanam Jung has become a popular Pakistani actress through her amazing work in the recent years. But that isn’t the only reason for her popularity and large fanbase. She hosts Hum TV’s morning show and is always in the limelight thanks to that role. ‘Jago Pakistan Jago’ is a very successful morning shows and thousands of people tune in early morning to start the day with her.

A facebook page recently posted a picture of behind the scenes shot from the sets and the response that came in the comments section was downright disrespectful to her and disgusting in general.

Aik Aur Din Sanam Ke Sath!

After watching a few repetitive, painful and staged episodes of Jago Pakistan Jago which were more of a narration of another day in the life of Sanam Jung, we are fully convinced that this show should be renamed “Aik Aur Din Sanam Jung Ke Sath”!! We are not arguing the fact that Sanam Jung has a massive fan following and some of these (more desperate we need to get a life) fans probably wake up every morning to find out whether Sanam Jung slept well at night or not, if Qassam and Sanam had a fight in the past 14 hours or so and whether Sanam struggled to make dinner or was she lucky enough to get dinner from her susral but most of the viewers do not tune into this show to find out the trials and tribulations in the life of the “self-proclaimed” housewife who is clearly not a housewife!

The reason why we are more disappointed in Sanam Jung trying so hard to fit into the role of a typical morning show host is that we expected better from her. She is educated, we also believe she is very intelligent and she is an outgoing young lady with a vibrant personality yet every morning she wakes up to prove to the world that she is just another struggling housewife and mother who cannot cope. By doing so, first of all she is not helping anyone and secondly, she is only promoting a stereotype because most housewives do much more than just looking pretty for their husbands, cooking good food and mulling over trivial matters.

In yesterday’s show Sanam Jung while talking to her other housewife buddies said ” hum jaisi housewives” which was yet another attempt to blend into the crowd (which we are not even sure exists!). It is a common practice for talk show hosts to share some personal stories with their viewers in order to make the viewers connect to them at a more human level but Sanam Jung takes this practice a little too far and while doing so she definitely undermines many of the housewives out there who actually find her daily struggles (real or not) annoying, to say the least.

We often hear Sanam Jung speak about how she wants regular people and her viewers to relate to her but does she really present herself or her life in such a way where regular ladies who come from all walks of life, who belong to different social classes can find it easy to relate to her? Sanam Jung obviously doesn’t really understand the struggles that generally women go through because she lives in a bubble of her own perfect world and believes in turning her non-issues into the issues for her viewers to either sympathize with her or see her as one of them, but most of the times or rather all the time, its a failed attempt because the nominal things that she complains about are things that other women have to deal with almost every single day of their lives. With Sanam Jung it is so obvious that there is a gap between her and her audience and she doesn’t really do much to overcome it.

Sanam Jung very often asks her guests a question and ends up answering it (in detail) herself because obviously Sanam’s experiences carry more value than all of her guests put together. We are certain that many other viewers who tuned into a specific episode of Jago Pakistan Jago in order to learn something new about a certain celebrity guest were terribly disappointed since the host does not allow her guests to speak a lot. Not only this, there have been times when Sanam Jung invited “experts” to the show and ended up giving expert opinions herself and the guests were left wondering what they were supposed to do there!

Yes, everyone wants to know what the hosts who grace their TV screens on a daily basis do and live their life like but Sanam Jung, without a doubt takes self-obsession to a whole new level! For any host, to share personal experiences in order to teach the audience is definitely a must but every time we listen to Sanam, we are left baffled as to what details like having strawberries in her fridge, eating semolina for her daughter, a change in her shoe size after her pregnancy, her husband switching the Air Conditioning on when she is asleep, her maid hunt, her daughter making faces at the sight of food, she being unable to cook would do for the audience? The way Sanam speaks about herself and her life goes to show that she is one of those people who don’t really care if the listener is actually interested to listen to the things that she is saying or not, because if she was mindful of the fact, she would cut down on this practice and make her input in the show a little interesting by not making it all about herself.

Sanam Jung thinks people who watch her shows are unable to see that she can walk the walk, but can’t talk the talk, in a sense that she presents herself as a people’s person, as someone who thinks everyone is the same but does exactly the opposite when it actually comes to the general public, the regular people, yes, the enthusiastic audience of her show, who sadly love her so much that they are unable to see her bizarre behavior towards them. Sanam’s attitude with her audience is always questionable, where she conveniently snubs them, easily shows her displeasure, doesn’t really do much to connect to them on a personal level, making it evident that she only communicates with them because it is the format and the requirement of her show otherwise she would never stop and talk to a random person or hear their story as she is filled with so many stories of herself that she doesn’t have time for anyone else.

Since it is a common practice in Jago Pakistan Jago that the hostess even snubs her guests if she doesn’t agree with what they are saying, so it makes us feel that Sanam should stop inviting people to her show, like there should be no audience, no guests and Jago Pakistan Jago can turn into a One Woman Show where Sanam doesn’t have to deal with people and where she does not have to stay quiet because someone else is speaking. Since Sanam has so many personal stories to share, she can easily run a 2 hour show by talking about herself, her life, her husband, her daughter, her mother, her father and her sisters as this is something that she normally does, so this is our suggestion to the Channel and the Producers of the show. However, the real question is, how many people would really be interested in watching that show!

Saima Azher Ne Mahira Khan Ko Bhi Pechay Chordiya Dekhiyen Saima Azher Ka Dance

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Faisal Qureshi’s Celebrity Crushes!

Celebrities — sometimes they really are just like us! Sometimes they swoon over the same handsome/pretty celebrities that we swoon over. And sometimes, they publicly admit their crushes pretty much like we do to our friends and siblings! Those are the best times, of course!

Faisal Qureshi was recently asked about his celebrity crushes and the veteran actor didn’t hesitate in giving his answer. We quite agree with his answer as did the hosts of the interview and other guests. It is to be noted that Faisal is a happily married man, a great father and that all of this was just for fun, nothing serious.

But, we are sure you are curious about his answer! So watch the video below to find out what Faisal’s answer was: