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Umair Jaswal - Biography , Profile

Umair Jaswal penned his first song around a decade ago. And ever since, he seems to be a force that’s unstoppable in his determined temperament, subscribing to a formula that makes every performance by him rich and satisfying.

Leading the once rock-ensemble, Qayyas, his songs have a very apparent loud and heavy sound, but there’s also a rare and playful soulfulness in the manner that he delivers the same. Coming from a family that’s musically and entertainment inclined, Umair continues to work on broadening the scope of productions, by exploring his acting skills recently or having contributed to the scores for films such as, ‘Waar’ and ‘Jalebi’.

After having made an impact with his tunes in Season 5 and 6, Umair Jaswal returns on Coke Studio, Season 8, in a duet with Quratulain Balouch, complementing one another in a folk tune, and really striking some chords that haven’t been struck before in a massive way.

SANAM BALOCH - Biography, Profile,


Sanam Baloch (Urdu: صنم بلوچ‎) (born July 14, 1986) is a Pakistani actress and television host. Sanam was born in Karachi and started her career as a talk show anchor in the Sindhi television channel KTN. Sanam hosted two shows Sanam Ji Pasand and Diyoo on KTN. Sanam made her debut on Urdu television in Fahad Mustafa's long play Kalaq which turned out to be a hit.She has also performed in many Urdu and Sindhi language music videos.She is a graduate from the Karachi University, and has two brothers, Farhan Baloch and Abbas Baloch. She is the younger sister of Sabreen Hisbani, also a popular television actress. Her last talk show was Morning With Hum on Hum TV which she left in order to further pursue her acting career. She is currently hosting another morning show Subha Saveray Samaa ke saath on Samaa TV.
Born Sanam Baloch
14 July 1986 (age 26)
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Other names Sam
Alma mater Karachi University
Occupation Actress, Morning Show Host
Religion Islam
Awards Annual Lux Style Award for Best TV Actress (Terrestrial)

HUMAIMA MALIK - Biography, Profile,


Humaima Malick (born 18 November, 1987) is a Pakistani actress and model who appears in Lollywood films and serials. She first walked the ramp for fashion designer Deepak Perwani at the age of fourteen. She has worked in different drama serials and made her film debut in 2011 with Shoaib Mansoor's Bol for which she won Lux Style Awards, London Asian Film Festival, Pakistan Media Awards, British Academy Film Awards and South Asian Rising Star Film Awards. She was made brand ambassador for Sunsilk in 2010. In 2012 Malick was named one of Beauty magazine's 8th Most Fanciable Women in South Asia.
Born Humaima Malick
November 18, 1987 (age 25)
Quetta, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Model, Actress
Years active 2009 – present
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Shamoon Abbasi (divorced)

MAHIRA KHAN - Biography , Profile


Mahira Khan (Urdu: ماہرہ خان‎), born Mahira Hafeez Khan (Urdu: ماہرہ حفیظ خان ‎), on December 21, 1982, is a Pakistani Video jockey and actress. She has worked with satellite TV channels MTV Pakistan and Aag TV. She made her film debut with 2011 Shoaib Mansoor's Bol for which her performance earned her unanimous critical appreciation. She is best known for her roles in serials Humsafar, Neeyat and Shehr-e-Zaat for which she won two Hum Awards.
Born Mahira Hafeez Khan
21 December 1982 (age 30)
Karachi, Pakistan
Occupation VJ, Actress, Model
Years active 2008-Present
Spouse(s) Ali Askari (2007–present)
Children 2

SANAM SAEED - Biography , Profile


Sanam Saeed (born 30 November 1985) is a British born Pakistani actress and model.She is best known for her roles in serial Daam, Mera Naseeb, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu and Zindagi Gulzar Hai. She made her Lollywood debut with 2013 Mehreen Jabbar's Dil Mera Dharkan Teri.
Born November 30, 1985 (age 27)
London, England
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Nationality British, Pakistani
Occupation Actress, Model, Singer
Years active 2001-present
Religion Islam
Awards L’Oréal Paris
2009 Best Model

SANAM JHUNG - Biography, Profile


Sanam Jung (born May 24, 1988) is a Pakistani Actress, Model and VJ. She has worked as VJ on AAG TV and made her acting debut with Dil e Muztar on Hum TV. She is beautiful yet Talented & one of the best actress.
Born Sanam Jung
December 5, 1988 (age 24)
Karachi, Pakistan
Occupation Actress, Model, VJ
Years active 2011-present
Religion Islam
Relatives Kainaat Anis (cousin)

Anwar Maqsood - Biography, Profile

A career spanning over a few decades, Anwar Maqsood is one of Pakistan’s brightest source of pride for literary aficionados, be it scriptwriting, satire, poetry, political comedy or song writing. Raising the ambition of television series with timeless script as ‘Fifty Fifty’ in the 80s, or changing the dynamics of theatre productions with his unparalleled critically acclaimed plays, ‘Pawney 14 August’ and ‘Sawa 14 August’ in the more recent times – he has inspired a renaissance in comedy.

Recipient of top civilian award, ‘Hilal-i-Imtiaz’ for his contribution in literature and later honored with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his outstanding writing contribution to Pakistan Television – he’s one of the greatest and most influential artist in the history of Pakistan.

Anwar Maqsood’s debut on Coke Studio, Season 8, will remain one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show, as he emotionally narrates a poem penned by him on a track that’s beautifully sung by Surriya Khanum

Arif Lohar - Biography, Profile

In addition to his far-reaching musical influence, staying true to his surname – Arif Lohar is nothing less than a cultural hero, flying in the face of traditional, predictable mores. With more than a 150 albums to his credit – the sound of his ‘Chimta’ still grips music connoisseurs in a trance amid a deafening silence.

Popular within the country as well as across the world having made some 50 international tours, with his characteristic attire, long hair and rings on his fingers, he maintains a childlike sense of wonder and mischief, within the structure of his music as well as establishing himself as a true performer on-stage.

An instantly recognizable sound, Arif Lohar is best known for his reinterpretations of traditional folk music that fuses with the last generation poetry of ancient Punjab.

The relationship of the Lohars with their fans easily spreads over five generations. Although they have recorded thousands of songs, all very popular, but amazingly their signature song ‘Jugni’, originally sung by his late father, Alam Lohar, and replicated during Coke Studio, Season 3 featuring ‘Alif Allah/Jugni’ with Meesha Shafi – still retains the top of the mind position.

As Arif Lohar re-emerges on Coke Studio in Season 8, so does his kaleidoscopic universe encapsulating the raucous live-band energy with folk tales, grooves and an uncanny amount of absolute unadulterated entertainment.

Atif Aslam - Biography, Profile

Influenced as much by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as Jeff Buckley, Atif Aslam’s primary mission is to entertain, and uplift spirits of his audience by making them reach a state of optimism by the end of his every show. It’s this diversity that defines the decade plus years that Atif has added to the genres, affording fans all over the world a listening opportunity unlike any other.

Set to become the first artist from South Asia to perform for the third time at the O2 Arena in London, he has so far rocked in some 100 cities across 30 countries for over two million people!

Every single song that his vocals have embraced ever since the unforgettable, ‘Aadat’, has that distinct choice elements that range from rock, Sufi, filmy, and a seal of approval with a sound that is both now and timeless.

Atif Aslam returns to Coke Studio, Season 8, in his fourth appearance on the platform bringing a new level of emotion, and beauty to his work whilst expanding the definition of popular music even further.

Ali Azmat - Biography, Profile

Ali Azmat is single handedly the enduring constant of the local pop-rock scene. His enthusiasm to pull a crowd, belt out tracks after tracks, entertaining an audience that’s not restricted to just those who grew up watching him, has rightfully earned him the title as one of the greatest performers of Pakistani music of all times.

His dedicated musicianship goes beyond his time as the front man of Junoon, it lies in the mere fact that he continues to upstage himself whilst catering to those that follow his cheerful pop music as well as pushing boundaries by his cheeky satire that’s patent to the world that he continues to rule.

Ali Azmat has effectively inspired a generation of listeners with a handful of successful albums and a string of singles and musical collaborations, which have routinely topped the charts.

In his third appearance on Coke Studio, in Season 8, he returns more rebellious than ever with a track that has the old-school distinct Ali Azmat antics written all over it.

Ali Haider - Biography, Profile

A career spanning over two decades with over seventeen album releases since the early 90s – it’ll be fair to say that Ali Haider still manages to woo the audience and exceeded every expectation as a pop icon.

Recognizing the opportunity to reinvent how pop sounds and keeping with the times, he has constantly reinvented his style and has explored various genres from trance to qawwali and everything in between. His megahit singles like the memorable ‘Purani Jeans’, ‘Walawai’, and Qarar are a testament to his timeless contribution to the music scene.

Ali Haider returns on main stage for his debut in Coke Studio, Season 8, in a duet with Sara Raza on a classic track that’ll make you swing and dance, in his typical fun groove!

Siege Band - Biography,Profile

Siege, are two jam-prone Lahori guys, Ahsan and Junaid, who met at a friends house, bonded over their love for music and decided to form a band, in early 2000. Their philosophy was simple: make good music where genres didn’t matter.

Producing a blend of fun-pop songs, they derive their inspirations from Kishore and Rafi to John Mayer and Coldplay, creating a mix of sound that’s easily approachable and instantly catchy.

After the critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Armaan’ – Siege is currently working on their second album comprising original tunes. The duo will make their debut on Coke Studio, Season 8.

Ayesha Mumtaz - Biography , Profile

Director Operations at Punjab Food Authority.

Born: N/A
Profession: Director Operations at Punjab Food Authority.
Affiliation(s): Director Operations at Punjab Food Authority.
Citizenship: Pakistani


Ayesha Mumtaz عائشہ ممتاز is currently serving as Director Operations at Punjab Food Authority.

Father Name: -

Daughter of Famous Pakistani Comedian Rangeela, Real Name Saeed Khan.

She has been raiding different restaurants and hotels to ensure the quality of food and hygiene. She has sealed many eateries while fined others for providing unhygienic food to consumers and other noncompliant acts. Her work is being highly appreciated by Government and especially by people of Punjab.

She is also being titled as a 'Dabang' lady for her brave Actions..

Naeem Bokhari - Biography , Profile

Lawyer, Anchor
Born: 27 October 1948
Profession: Lawyer, Anchor
Affiliation(s): Geo News
Citizenship: Pakistani


Naeem Altaf Bokhari (born October 27, 1948) better known as Naeem Bokhari is a Pakistani television personality and a Senior Advocate Supreme Court who currently hosts a show Khabarnaak on a Pakistani news channel Geo News. Bokhari was born in Lahore, Pakistan to Dr Syed Altaf Hussain Bokhari. He is the younger brother of famous Pakistani fast bowler Saleem Altaf Bokhari. He was formerly married to popular Ghazal singer Tahira Syed (1975- 1990).Bokhari has two children, a son, Hasnain and a daughter, Kiran with his first wife, both of whom are lawyers by profession. Kiran is married and working in New York City.Bokhari married Tamannah Khan in 1995 and has a son, Abbas and two daughters,Noor Zainab and Noor Fatimah from the second marriage

TV shows

Recently Naeem Bokhair joined Khabarnak, a TV talk show on Geo TV. He replaced Aftab Iqbal who was hosting the show before him. Naeem Bokhari has hosted famous TV talk shows including Apne Andaz Se and Naeem Bokhari ke saath on which he has interviewed many famous and influential personalities of the Pakistani society. He interviewed Imran Khan during his work at Khabarnak.

Open letter controversy

His open letter against Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry published on Feb 16, 2007 created a controversy and this is also attributed to the eventual dismissal of the Chief Justice by President Pervez Musharraf. The Punjab Bar Council reacted only after March 9, 2007, when the controversy had reached a peak and dismissed his membership in Punjab Bar Council. Subsequently, his membership was renewed.

On 9 March 2007, Gen Musharraf, the then President of Pakistan, had un-ceremonially sent home the then Chief Justice of Pakistan [CJP] named Iftikhar M Chaudhry. Most of the charges listed against Justice Chaudhry were contained in a letter written by the lawyer Mr Naeem Bokhari to him. A copy of the same letter was placed before the CJP Chaudhry by the DG [MI] when he was called in the Army House that day. Some office bearer believed that the said letter was got written on government’s instance - it was purposefully but ‘secretly’ leaked to the press.

Most of the alleged charges against the CJP Chaudhry were related with his son Dr Arsalan Iftikhar’s police career while he was a doctor on the pay roll of Baluchistan government (taken up from Mr Naeem Bokhari’s letter mentioned above). When the reference against CJP was brought to the Supreme Judicial Council [SJC] then those in the government who had been facilitating the CJ’s son in his pursuit of a police career were ready to speak against him.

Naeem Bokhari’s letter contained name of the Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao, whose ministry had issued orders to treat Dr Arsalan extraordinarily [just to please the CJP], right from his posting from Balochistan to the FIA, and then allowing him to get police training along with probationers of the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP Cadre). The letter mentioned that the junior VVIP got special treatment because of his CJ father. Later, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar was appointed in FIA on deputation after seeking the written consent of the Federal Interior Minister; Naeem Bokhari had given details.

Quratulain Balouch - Biography , Profile

Quratulain Balouch aka QB arrived on the scene with no prior warning, on her own terms and a fantastic track record: every song from the cover of Reshma’s timeless ‘Ankhian’ or the OST of ‘Humsafar’ was melodic paired with QB’s signature husky, tuneful vocals.

A career that launched in 2011, no matter what kind of song or collaboration she lends her voice to, QB is truly blessed with a natural non-trained tone that defies all genres. Her debut in Coke Studio, Season 4, a duet with Jal The Band on ‘Tere Ishq Main’ is an apt example to drive the note home.

In her second appearance on the platform, in Season 8, QB shares the floor with Umair Jaswal on yet another track where her soaring undertone voice will cut through and really establish her as a real crooner.

Nabeel Shaukat -

There’s something effortless and natural about Nabeel Shaukat Ali’s performances as he gracefully swims between classical notes, western elements and everything in between. His journey from the time he entertained live audience over the years with his melodies, to the early days of being tutored by Ustad Ghulam Ali, he has managed to explore his skills as a varied vocalist, a songwriter as well as a composer.

The first singer (and the only so-far) in his family, Shaukat started proving his yearning to be a performer from a rather early age. As luck backed him up, his track record with singing competitions always remained consistent, ever since he first gained international attention with his award for the ‘Best Child Artist’ at a contest held in 1997 in Dubai. And more recently bagged the winning trophy at an Indo-Pak musical series, Sur Kshetra that brought along unprecedented amount of fame for the Lahore born.

Shaukat will flaunt his melodic debut this year on Coke Studio, Season 8, in an effort to continue pursuing his dreams, and with plans to release an album before year-end.

Mulazim Hussain - Biography, Profile


As a small child, who traced his roots back to Jodhpur, Rajasthan where his inspirations Mehdi Hasan and Reshma hailed from, Mulazim Hussain has travelled far.

Armed with training that began at an early age, under the guidance of Ustad Aslam Pervez, Mulazim’s voice reverberates with honesty that helped him garner a fan following soon after wining an award in an Indian singing show, Sur Kshetra.

Growing up in an environment very conducive to musical learning, he learnt to play the piano at the age of 8, and remembers moments when even his mother would make a correction if he sang out of tune.

In his debut Coke Studio performance in Season 8, Mulazim Husain belts out a performance in a track comprising Rajasthani, Punjabi and Urdu lyrics, in a promising tune where he will truly emerge as a shining star.

Asim Azhar - Biography , Profile

At 18, with his impeccable looks and the perfectly designed star appeal, Asim Azhar makes the pop world of Pakistan a really exciting place to observe right now. Born to the renowned pianist father, Azhar Hussain – this young kid often referred as the Pakistani ‘Bieber’ started recording music just a couple of years ago. His cover of ‘A Team’ originally sung by Ed Sheeran, made his career skyrocket with Ed himself tweeting words of praise about the song.

Claiming Sajjad Ali, Vital Signs, Mohammad Rafi and Kishore as some of his prime influences, combined with his own signature-pop punch to the songs: he’s as feisty to watch as he is to listen to.

Asim Azhar debuts on Coke Studio, Season 8, whilst translating his passion for what he does so well in a flamboyantly memorable melody that’ll linger long after you’ve heard it.

Alycia Dias - Biography , Profile

Alycia Dias quickly establishes herself as a vibrant and versatile artist with a vibe that screams stardom! As a live performer the energy she brings along with her is infectious and reflective of her years of singing in the church choir from the tiny age of 5 years.

An entertainer to the core, Dias started her career as a playback singer for the original soundtracks of Pakistani dramas. Citing Celine Dion as her ultimate inspiration, she’s had no formal training and gets along with the help of a few vocal exercises on a regular basis.

At the moment working on recording an album with Mubashir Admani, that comprises a mixture of pop, funk and jazz tunes – her debut in Coke Studio, Season 8, a duet with Siege will charm the audience with a yearning to continue listening to her for a very long time!

Sara Haider - Biography, Profile


Sara Haider, the Karachi-based singer-actor-performer, has music in her veins. Musically inspired by artists as diverse as The Beatles, Nazia Hassan, Louise Armstrong, Madam Noor Jehan, Bill Withers to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the brilliance filters through in her own sound.

In a short span of time, she’s proved to be a strong contender having already performed in class acts such as ‘Grease – The Musical’ or at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival in India. Mostly self-taught, Sara has trained in eastern classical where she constantly challenges herself to adopt a wide range of possibilities to blend different genres together to enhance her performance.

Member of the Coke Studio family, and a backing vocalist since Season 7, Sara Haider appears in Season 8, as a featured artist in a duet with pop-icon Ali Zafar in her booming, soulful voice that’ll surely leave a mark.